Case Studies

Dementia & Banking

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Carmelle Peisah Carmelle Peisah

Smart Sparrow is helping us to maximise the potential of this unique learning platform for the application to dementia and financial abuse in banking. We were able to very naturally combine our content knowledge with the platform to get the best outcomes for our learners.

With 20% of Australians over 80 currently affected by dementia, and the financial abuse of older people occurring at a rate of at least 5%, it’s crucial that bank employees know how to identify the signs and respond appropriately.

Capacity Australia developed an adaptive lesson that teaches staff to consider a range of scenarios in which they might have doubts about a customer’s capacity to manage their financial affairs, and assists them in determining the most careful and respectful way to handle the situation. Rather than simply telling the user how to respond to various customer scenarios, this tutorial encourages them to make active decisions about the best course of action as they progress through the material. If at any point the user appears to be struggling with the content, they will be guided through an alternate pathway that’s been specifically designed to address the area in greater detail.

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